Quantum – Adding Gateway to Layer3 agent/router

I am running Ubuntu 12.04, I am using the quantum ovs agent with folsom.

I’ve only set up one router. I am not using namespaces. I don’t know
if this is a bug or what, but for whatever reason when I went to add
a private network via the dashboard. A gateway for that subnet won’t
be created. Or a port on the layer 3 agent with that gateway address won’t be created.
I’m going to post another question to confirm that this is a bug or something
.This is what you have to do to fix it. (I posted my question here: https://answers.launchpad.net/quantum/+question/216364)


You’ll notice in the above screenshot the first command I issued was quantum subnet-list, this showed me all the networks that quantum knows about. I then issued the command “quantum router-list”, on the left side is the id of the router. And this is the only router that has been created. “76930773-9c65-4742-9e43-2efccbd66d7f” ( We will need that in a second.)


Alright so now after I added the subnet with the gateway of via the dashboard, I wanted to see if it was on the router. So I did a “quantum port-list — –device_id=76930773-9c65-4742-9e43-2efccbd66d7f” You will notice you will not see any sort of subnet attached to that router. I don’t know why. But you will have to add that subnet manually to the router by issuing the command that is directly underneath that one. That command is going to be “quantum router-interface-add 76930773-9c65-4742-9e43-2efccbd66d7f de8b4a00-9472-449f-843d-4f8f741aac3c”

The 76930773-9c65-4742-9e43-2efccbd66d7f is the ID of the router.

The de8b4a00-9472-449f-843d-4f8f741aac3c is the ID of the subnet. (

After that I then did a “quantum port-list — –device_id=76930773-9c65-4742-9e43-2efccbd66d7f”

You will see the subnet added to the router. Refer to the last command of the above screenshot. And once that is setup you now have a way of getting off your subnet. Now I need to figure out how to get floating IPs to work. I will post when I get that setup.


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