Create ubuntu repository

Creating an ubuntu repository is painless. It’s almost identical for creating a redhat local repo. Here are the steps.

1) apt-get install apache2

2) mkdir -p /var/www/debs/x86_64 — Substitute x86_64 for your architecture.

3) Move any .deb packages you need to /var/ww/debs/x86_64. In order to download the deb packages issue the following commands


apt-get -y install --print-uris PACKAGE-NAME | cut -d\' -f2 | grep http:// > apturls
wget -i apturls

cd /var/www/debs/
dpkg-scanpackages x86_64 | gzip -9c > x86_64/Packages.gz
*Add a link to the repository in /etc/apt/sources.list
ex) deb http://IP-ADDRESS/debs/ x86_64/

*Issue the apt-get update command on the box you just added the above repository to.

Done. Thanks to this link:

I just had an idea about these types of tasks. I think the internet will one day not only present
you with the types of commands to do similar tasks like this. But I also think it will be bright enough to present
you with a custom made script that does literally whatever you want. So in other words if puppet will
fit the bill, the internet will provide you with the exact script you need to run. I think AI will
one day be bright enough to put together code based on responses on forums like stackoverflow. And just have a bunch of scripts on standby
for commonly searched tasks.
ex) Here is the puppet module I made for this:


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